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Capacity and Competence Assessments

Anteris is pleased to be able to offer the service of Capacity and Competence Assessments.

The capacity to make decisions regarding one’s personal care, powers of attorney, property, medical treatment, and will may be affected by temporary or permanent effects of illness or disability.

Where this arises from psychiatric illness, head injury, or neurocognitive disorder (dementia), it may be necessary for an assessment to be undertaken by a psychiatrist.

The psychiatric assessment of capacity to make important decisions depends on a number of factors such as the context of the assessment, the complexity of the decision-making required, and whether or not there is likely to be a significant benefit to treatment or fluctuation in capacity over time.

Sometimes, assessment is suggested by a lawyer or a Court, and sometimes it is instigated by the person themselves in order to reinforce their competency at the time that a decision is made.

Dr Tina Crownshaw is a psychogeriatrician and general psychiatrist with expertise in the area of capacity and competency assessments, and we welcome requests for assessments and reports.

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