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Joining Anteris

If you are a clinician looking for an opportunity to start out in private medicine, Anteris would like to help you on that journey.

Anteris supports clinicians in doing what they want to do. Regardless of your location in New Zealand, Anteris will help you get the type of referrals you want, organise your clinic as you want it, facilitate remote working via audiovisual link ('telepsychiatry'), and manage payments and assist with contractual relationships with insurers such as ACC.

Anteris offers full-service administrative support and a purpose-built space for you to see clients. We are committed to helping clinicians succeed in their chosen venture.

Our philosophy is that the best outcomes for patients come from empowering clinicians to choose when they work and what type of work they want to do.

Although based in Tauranga, we would be interested in hearing from clinicians in other places who are interested in having the support of Anteris in their locality.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.

Looking for an opportunity to start out in private medicine? - we can help with that.

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