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Dr Juzer Daudjee

My Background

I qualified as a specialist psychiatrist in 2013 and have subspecialist accreditation in learning disability, neurodevelopmental conditions and neuropsychiatry from Bristol, UK. I then worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in regional subspecialist centres for the diagnosis and management of Adult ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities, Brain Injury Rehabilitation and complex genetic syndromes, primarily in the UK.

Since becoming established in New Zealand I have worked within the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board as a Consultant Psychiatrist and now with Anteris.

I was awarded British Neuroscience Assocation fellowship in 2019 and continue to be involved in peer review and critical appraisal of the research for psychiatric treatments. I pride myself in keeping up-to-date with this evidence-base including for complementary therapies.

I was most recently involved in research in sustainable healthcare and nature-based mental health interventions both of which are very applicable to New Zealand life. I was part of the Executive Committee for the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists for 2 years and am currently a RANZCP Affiliate member. I am approachable and sensitive to people’s cultural and spiritual needs. I am able to adapt consultations for a highly patient-centred approach and focus on ensuring my patients are fully informed.

Expertise and Interests

I have a strong background in general adult psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD and psychosis. I am additionally skilled in a broad range of other health conditions including ASD, ADHD, sleep psychiatry, dementias, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, alcohol-related brain disorders and head injuries.

Patient Profile

I provide care to adults 18 years and over; patients are always welcome to bring their partners or whānau to appointments if they wish to. I am offering appointments via audiovisual link (telepsychiatry) or in person in the Nelson-Marlborough region. I am able to provide in person assessment in other regions depending on the clinical requirements and subject to this being possible to arrange.

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