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OCD Icebreaker sheet

You know there’s something bothering him, but he just can’t tell you. It might be OCD. This OCD Icebreaker sheet can be very helpful for patients who just need to tick some boxes to indicate their distress.

Using this sheet can save considerable time in assessing and, if necessary, referring patients with OCD.

Highlights include – It’s hard for me to talk about this, and other people don’t seem to understand. I try to hide it, but I spend significant time each day feeling trapped by one or more of:

  • Worries about contamination, resulting in compulsive washing/cleaning

  • Worries about fire/flood/break-ins, resulting in compulsive checking

  • Anxiety, leading to the counting, arranging or aligning of things

  • Unfounded fears I might unwittingly cause harm to or abuse of others

  • Horrible, unwanted thoughts of a violent or sexual nature that I agonise over but can’t get out of my head

  • A constant feeling that something is not quite right, resulting in my need to do particular rituals.


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