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Dr Steyn Lottering

Anteris welcomes Dr Steyn Lottering to our Tauranga branch, providing care in-person and on-line to patients over the age of 16. His areas of clinical interest and expertise include mood disorders, Anxiety, OCD, adult ADHD, psychosis, and psychiatric problems due to medical illness.

My Background

Dr Lottering gained his Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) Degree and was admitted as a Fellow of the College of Psychiatrists of South Africa in 2018. Prior to Psychiatry, Dr Lottering worked in Emergency Medicine and Occupational Medicine in South Africa and Ghana, and as an international cruise ship doctor. Despite the appeal and interest of these fields of medicine, Dr Lottering’s passion is for psychiatry.

In his South African private practice, Dr Lottering worked with people with bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, psychosis and psychiatric conditions related to other medical conditions, developing enthusiasm for helping people with their mental health in a private setting.

Now vocationally registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand, he has been working at the Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldier’s Memorial Hospital.

My Approach

Dr Lottering’s love of a more personalised approach to mental health care has led him to Anteris, where a patient-centred approach to evidence based psychiatry is encouraged. Dr Lottering approaches patients as individuals with their own understanding and philosophy of mental illness and mental health, and their own idea of what well-being means.

His approach includes a thorough psychiatric assessment, a medical assessment to take account of physical health factors, individualised medication plans, and psychotherapeutic techniques, aiming for meaningful recovery or remission from psychiatric illness or disability.

Dr Lottering is able to conduct interview in Afrikaans as well as English.


  • Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) Degree 2018

  • Fellow of the College of Psychiatrists of South Africa in 2018

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