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Dr Eileen Vuong

My Background

I graduated as a Specialist Psychiatrist in 2015 from Stellenbosch University and was admitted as a Fellow in Psychiatry to the College of Medicine; South Africa in the same year. Following I completed 9 months of Consultation Liaison subspecialist training at Groote Schuur Hospital via the University of Cape Town. I worked for 4 years within the South African’s public and private health sector, providing care to culturally, ethnically and socio-economically diverse populations. I’ve led specialist Women’s Mental health and multidisciplinary chronic pain clinics.

I emigrated to New Zealand early 2019 and have since been employed at Tauranga Hospital where I am the Clinical lead for the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Service providing specialist care to women and mother-infant dyads during the perinatal period and up to 1st year of life. I am also a Consultant Psychiatrist the Addiction Service. I’m vocationally registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand and am an Affiliate Member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). I am well versed with local pathways of care and apply locally relevant protocols, procedures, and clinical guidelines in my daily practice.

I am an avid researcher and have published in several international journals, book chapters and presented my research at international congresses. I’m currently completing my PhD examining the role of a biomarker in predicting the onset of Post-traumatic stress disorder and Cardiometabolic disease in a large cohort of female rape survivors. As an honorary lecturer with the University of Auckland I provide teaching and training to medical students; as well as to residents, midwives, nursing and allied health staff.

I am passionate about my profession and proud to be a Psychiatrist. I always combine the best available scientific knowledge with experience and well-honed clinical judgment to deliver personalized care. I always set remission followed by recovery as the therapeutic goal for every patient and I let my patients know this and ask them to commit to the same goal. I never give up on any patient or set expectations too low, regardless of the diagnosis or severity of illness. I always get a second opinion if I run out of options and practice thoughtfully, tolerant of ambiguity, aware of my own limitations and with a willingness to tackle the multi-layered meanings and consequences of human behaviours and emotions.

My Approach

My clinical approach to psychiatric care starts with building an authentic and trusting relationship between myself and my patients. I am sensitive and caring; offering a warm, non-judgmental space to support patients through difficulties. I collaborate with clients in every part of the treatment process, with an emphasis on wellness and the building of resilience. I provide a holistic, individualised treatment plan that is tiered according to the presenting problem, social context, available supports, presence of comorbidities, patient preference and available funding. I combine both medical and psychological therapies, using evidence-based treatments to help to assess and treat patients. I work close in partnership with other professionals involved in care, example obstetricians, midwives, GPs, and other mental health teams.

Interests and Expertise

My clinical areas of expertise and interest include: Women’s mental health (pregnancy and post-partum mental illness, premenstrual disorders, fertility difficulties, miscarriage grief, perimenopausal mood disorders); Trauma-related disorders (Acute stress and Post-traumatic stress disorders), Mood disorders (Depressive and Bipolar), Anxiety and OCD-related disorders; Chronic Pain Conditions (Fibromyalgia, Chronic pelvic pain), Psychiatric illness comorbid with medical illness (eg post-stroke depression, SLE, thyroidal disease), Addiction disorders.

Patient Profile

I provide care to adults and teenagers 16 years and older. Patients are always welcome to bring their partner or another family member or friend to some or all appointments if they wish to.

Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans

Practicing at: Anteris Clinic, Tauranga; Bay of Plenty District Health Service

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